Brain-stem-level knowledge of the principles of good coding and design, not to mention the protocols of Microsoft, are simply a given.  The deeper principles that drive, direct and inspire us lie outside a strictly technical realm. 
There are four:

Flat is beautiful.

We eschew hierarchy. And we embrace collegiality. We believe the collective brain is almost always more brilliant than the individual. We believe in we.


Fast (and flexible) is beautiful.

We’re so champing at the bit to get to the next gnarly task, we can’t help but go flat out. The gate opens, and we’re off – elegantly evading thickets of complexity, deftly dodging bugs, sleekly slalom-running ever-shifting requirements, and hell-bent sprinting for the finish. It’s not just part of our agile (and Agile) methodology, it’s half the fun.


Smart is not enough.

The real secret of our success (don't tell) is that we put a lot more time and effort into recruiting. Which starts with the principle that, while we're ultimately seeking to create a collective genius, smart is never enough. Smart must come with, among other things, an innate commitment to principles 1 and 2 (above). But it also has to be damn smart.


The problem IS the solution.

You won't climb mountains unless you climb mountains. Those knotty, gnarly, near-impossible tasks you throw at us are not only what we need to overcome, they're a critical part of the engine to do it. We believe in the exhilarating power of rising to the occasion - the higher the better - every day.