Congrats to our Team! Vertigo and UC Berkeley Innovation Group

Congrats to Vandana Pai, Shefali Netke, Jason Gee, and Andrea Deng! This student team from Cal’s Berkeley Innovation Group just completed a semester-long project sponsored by Tony Sokolowski, our VP of Design.

The team kicked-off the term with the general idea of creating a second screen mobile media app, and then refined the experience for a target a little closer to home. Namely, education.

The result is BINDER. “A second-screen tablet application that augments the learning experience at targeted live events (think conferences & lectures).” With real-time media capture, presentation syncing, several note-taking and annotation modes, and robust social features, BINDER is light years past your old college ruled, spiral bound number.

We’re super proud of this team the team who researched, designed, and tested an app from scratch in a single semester! They showed a ton of dedication to the process, working with Tony on foundational product design and UX practices along the way. They made bold decisions each and every week, kept a high-energy pace the whole term, and finished strong with a successful final presentation at Cal’s amazing Hearst Memorial Mining Building. Excellent work, guys!



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