Vertigo Partners with NBC Sports to Live-Stream Football’s Big Day

NBC Sports featured Vertigo’s Emmy®-nominated video player (for Sunday Night Football) to live-stream the NFL post-season including two wildcard games, the Pro Bowl in Hawaii, and the final showdown in Indianapolis. Vertigo is excited to work with NBC Sports to bring HD quality video along with multiple camera angles, interactive timelines, VOD highlights, and everyone’s favorite – the commercials, online for the first time!

Live HD Video

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In addition to all the big press above, we received a nice personal note this morning from a regular fan:

My family, which does not have Cable TV, enjoyed the live stream experience very much.

We watch the football more as a “mass culture” event, not because we actually care about the game, or even sports in general, but even with this detachment from the fan’s perspective, we found that the overall experience of the stream “app” made for an engaging, exciting and memorable game.

Please let anyone there who worked on this project know that there are some geeky fans out there who regarded the work of creating and delivering the streaming experience far more highly than the game itself!

Thanks Mr. Focazio! We’re glad you and a lot of football fans enjoyed it!



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