Vertigo @ Build 2015


From Wednesday April 28 – Friday May 1, Vertigo will be attending the Microsoft Build Conference 2015. This year we’ll have a booth showcasing some of the awesome work the team has shipped over the past year on the Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox platforms. Stop by during the conference to say hi to the team and please feel free to reach out to us at hello [AT]


We had a great time at the conference and really enjoyed seeing existing clients and hopefully meeting some new ones. Here are a couple shots from the booth last week.


[L-R] Tony Sokolowski, Todd Morrison, Jeff Fisher and Mike Hanley


Jeff and Mike with some of the hardware we had available to showcase some of our great apps from the past few months.

You can find Vertigo on the second floor in booth location 210 just in front of the escalators. You can see our location on the map below. Hope to see many of you in the next few days!


Vertigo @ Streaming Media West 2014


by Kurt Brockett

Good morning all! Just a heads up that Vertigo is attending Streaming Media West 2014 this year down in Huntington Beach, CA. We have a handful of customers with sessions and exhibits and we’re always up for diving deeper into our media and entertainment business. I’ll be representing Vertigo here and I’m at the conference now through tomorrow afternoon. Drop me a note kurt [AT] vertigodotcom if you’d like to get together to chat!

Dolby Day with Vertigo


Chris Rippel, Tim Greenfield and Tony Sokolowski at Dolby Labs in Sunnvyale, CA

Big thanks to our friends over at Dolby for hosting us down in Sunnyvale yesterday for a bit of show and tell. It’s inspiring to see the work being done to bring stories to life both at the cinema and in the home. A few folks from Vertigo made the trip and were able to see and hear some of Dolby’s new technologies in action including their new Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos offerings. We look forward to working together to bring these experiences to the user experiences we are creating for many of the top entertainment companies in the world.

Meet Proto aka Todd

Meet Proto, or as we like to call him, Todd. In part to promote .NET, Microsoft recently created the Code Legion, described as a “celebration of the dynamic developers that shape our digital world.” Vertigo was honored to have one of our own represent one of the Code Legion personas of Proto.


The interview was conducted at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View as part of “The Tablet Show”. You can find the full episode of The Tablet Show here (link).

Check out the 10:00 video interview on YouTube here (link):

Microsoft’s Code Legion (link):



Visit Vertigo at Build 2014


Vertigo will be making the long trek over the bridge to SF this week to check out Microsoft’s Build 2014 conference at the Moscone Center. Come stop by our booth in the exhibit hall to visit with some Vertigo folks and hear about all the great experiences we have out for Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox. We’ll be sharing the app experiences and talking shop with some of our good friends. To find out more don’t hesitate to reach out to us at hello [at] or to Kevin (who will be on the ground at the show) at kevinh [at] Hope to see you there!

[UPDATE]  – Now with more Vertigo! Here’s some of the faces you may run into at the show:


Tony Sokolowski, Tim Greenfield, Bee Tan, Mike Hurtado, Mike Hanley and Kevin Hanley.

[Design] Film, Food, and Fun

We like movies. We like good food. We like hanging out together and being inspired. And we especially like finding new ways to keep the creative conversation going while we’re off focusing on our various client projects.

Designer Nina Moro put all of the above together and organized an ongoing series of short films called Design Salad. Held over lunch in our spacious, state-of-the-art  theater in Cannes nicest conference room, the plan is to put together an hour-long program once a month. Watch. Eat. Discuss. Repeat.

Here’s a quick rundown of films from the first program:

To Design A Bottle, Pentagram for Mothercare

A short film outlining Pentagram’s design process and the general influence of popular culture on design.

To Design A Bottle from Pentagram on Vimeo

Designing For All Five Senses – Jinsop Lee at TED

Contrasting digital applications, Jinsop Lee studies what makes real-world experiences so satisfying and challenges us to incorporate more sensory stimuli into our designs. One example to come out of Vertigo is our KEXP Artist Discovery app for Windows Store.

Designing For All Five Senses on TED

Stella Artois “Up There”

This stunning short pays homage to the craftsmen of hand-painted advertising. It acts as a reminder of how art, design and technology have intersected to create today’s landscape. The apprentice culture of the craft echoes Vertigo’s collaborative and open source environment.

Stella Artois “Up There” from Visual Catch on Vimeo

Inge Druckrey: Teaching to See

Going back to basics with Inge Druckrey to explore the value of fundamental forms. As the current minimalistic design trend continues, we can all learn from Inge’s execution of honesty through simplification.

Teaching to See

Congrats to our Team! Vertigo and UC Berkeley Innovation Group

Congrats to Vandana Pai, Shefali Netke, Jason Gee, and Andrea Deng! This student team from Cal’s Berkeley Innovation Group just completed a semester-long project sponsored by Tony Sokolowski, our VP of Design.

The team kicked-off the term with the general idea of creating a second screen mobile media app, and then refined the experience for a target a little closer to home. Namely, education.

The result is BINDER. “A second-screen tablet application that augments the learning experience at targeted live events (think conferences & lectures).” With real-time media capture, presentation syncing, several note-taking and annotation modes, and robust social features, BINDER is light years past your old college ruled, spiral bound number.

We’re super proud of this team the team who researched, designed, and tested an app from scratch in a single semester! They showed a ton of dedication to the process, working with Tony on foundational product design and UX practices along the way. They made bold decisions each and every week, kept a high-energy pace the whole term, and finished strong with a successful final presentation at Cal’s amazing Hearst Memorial Mining Building. Excellent work, guys!



Vertigo @ Streaming Media West 2013



by Kurt Brockett

Good morning all! Just a heads up that Vertigo will be attending Streaming Media West 2013 this year down in Huntington Beach, CA. We have a handful of customers with sessions and exhibits and we’re always up for diving deeper into our media and entertainment business. I’ll be representing Vertigo here and I’m at the conference now through tomorrow afternoon. Drop me a note if you’d like to get together to chat! You can also follow along on twitter at #smwest and @kurtbrockett

The App Open Source Built by Matthew Strickland

A couple weeks ago, one of our Senior Software Engineers, Matthew Strickland, gave a talk about the work he has been doing on Gitty (Gitty in the App Store). Specifically the talk is about leveraging Open Source libraries to build out applications.

Check out the presentation on Speakerdeck and follow Matthew Strickland on Twitter. You can also follow the Gitty App on Twitter. Nice work Matthew!


The Stumptown 40 – Bacon and GOT Derby Cars!


by Kurt Brockett

A few weeks ago Vertigo had the honor of sponsoring our first ever Pinewood Derby Car race through our office up in Portland, OR. The event, Stumptown 40, was held in conjunction with the 2013 WebVisions conference and was a benefit for Schoolhouse Supplies.

One of our Senior Software Engineers, Andrew Hay, with the help of a buddy from Postano, built a cool little Web App to visualize the tournament bracket.  You can check out a snap of the app below along with the Game of Thrones (GOT) inspired derby car.


For details on the app, here are some notes from Andrew:

Come see if the app I wrote with my buddy to visualize the tournament brackets will hold up; here’s what we used

- ASP.Net MVC 4 on Windows Azure
– GitHub (gotta keep track of that CSS & JS in a team build)
– SignalR (communication between admin and kiosk pages)
– Knockout.js (data binding)
– Sammy.js (hash tag navigation)
– Postano (social media/images)
– Instagram (because you need photo filters)
– (everybody loves a little Rube Goldberg in their app)
– Dropbox (racecar image repository)
– jQuery (because you have to)
– Handlebars (because we can)

And of course, a little bit of love.

You can check out more pictures and details from the event on their website: